El Cristo of Corcovado in Brazil (Cristo de Corcovado en Brasil)

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The Christ of Corcovado is one of the most emblematic places in Brazil, it is important to note that this country is highly professed of the Catholic religion.

The Christ of Brazil was inaugurated on October 12, 1931, and is an art deco statue of Jesus of Nazareth and stands with open arms towards the city of Rio de Janeiro.

It has a height of 38 meters on a pedestal of 8 meters, and it should be noted that it is the third largest statue of Jesus of Nazareth in the world, only behind the Christ the King of Poland and the Christ the King of Concord in Bolivia.

The Christ of Corcovado is one of the main tourist attractions in Brazil and, for faithful believers, it is also a place of pilgrimage. The statue of Christ the Redeemer is located 700 meters above sea level right on the top of Cerro del Corcovado, from which it owes its name, and can be seen from almost everywhere in Rio de Janeiro.

The Lookout today one of the most visited places by tourism, in addition to the Corcovado Railway, the idea of ??building the monumental Christ was born in 1858 by the Catholic Pedro María Boss and Princess Isabel of Brazil, the idea was taken up again in 1921, and the statue was made by the French sculptor Paul Landowski.
The Christ is represented as a symbol of redemption, a symbol of forgiveness and a symbol of protection.

The crucified Christ represents the merciful embrace of God. Christ dies because God seeks those who are lost, lost, broken, broken, and wounded, wounded. His arms, open and outstretched, are the open and outstretched arms of God ready to heal, bless and restore.