Getaways travel to 5 places destination in Mexico


Getaways travel to 5 places destination in Mexico

Mexico City is a fascinating city to visit for a weekend or longer vacation. With its vibrant culture and a long history, it is the perfect place to visit with family or friends. There is so much to see and do in this multicultural metropolis, from ancient pyramids to UNESCO-listed sites. But how do you know where to go? Here are five suggestions for you to enjoy your time in Mexico City.


  • If you are looking for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of Mexico City, consider a trip to Teotihuacan. This ancient UNESCO site is close to Mexico City, so getting there is easy and inexpensive. To get there, you can take public transport or hire an organised shuttle service. This will save you the hassle of waiting for taxis and will also allow you to visit Teotihuacan in four hours. The shuttle service is available through Tiqets, which offers transportation and entry to the archaeological site.

    Another great day trip from Mexico City is to Mineral del Chico. This former mining village is located within the Parque Nacional El Chico, a huge reserve that covers 11.6 square miles. The village is accessible by car or colectivo bus.

    If you are interested in modern art, head to the Museo de Arte Moderno, a museum that features the work of many modern artists. Don't miss the Two Fridas painting, a self-portrait that depicts the artist after a divorce. Entry to the museum costs 70 pesos on a weekday, but is worth every cent.

    Teotihuacan is one of the most popular day trips from Mexico City. Featuring the Pyramid of the Sun, the largest pyramid in the world, Teotihuacan is accessible on foot, and the site museum has many well-preserved murals. It will take you anywhere from one to four hours to see everything.

    The Palace of Itzpapalotl, located at the end of Ciudadela, is one of the best spots to see ancient murals. It features 366 sculptures and skeletons of 18 priests, and is believed to have been the site of a ritual sacrifice around 150AD. A day trip to Teotihuacan should also include a visit to the Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the Moon.

Lagunilla Market

  • Lagunilla Market is a traditional public market located just ten blocks north of the main plaza of the city. The market is located in a neighborhood known as La Lagunilla. The market offers a wide variety of foods, including fresh fish and vegetables.

    This market is an amazing place to find bargains. You can even buy a vintage sofa or an antique dresser! There are many stalls here, and you can easily get lost in the midst of all the stands and merchandise. If you are lost, you can always ask a vendor for help. Otherwise, you can use your phone's gps to navigate through the market.

    La Lagunilla Market is located about ten blocks north of Mexico City's main plaza. It's easily accessible by foot from the center of the city, but public transportation is also an excellent option. You can catch the Line B and Line 8 metro stations nearby, and you can also take the Lagunilla Metrobus.

    La Ciudadela is one of Mexico City's most popular markets. The four-block market is full of traditional Mexican artisan crafts, from stone-plated jewelry to loom-woven blouses. Miniatures are another popular attraction at La Ciudadela. The upscale market is a must-see for any traveler.

    The Lagunilla Market is another popular destination for getaways in Mexico City CDM. The market is open and not too large. A variety of foods is available at different prices, including quesadillas and tamales. You can also find fresh juices and pozole. Be sure to pay cash when you visit.

    If you want to experience some culture in Mexico City, consider visiting the Mexican Heritage Museum. Its collection of local art, including unique alebrijes, is worth checking out. It also has an excellent gift shop. The building itself is an art deco relic from the early twentieth century. Originally a firehouse, the building features an open center and plenty of natural light. For art lovers, this is an essential stop.

El Castillo

  • El Castillo is a historic building that was once a sacred Mayan temple. The structure was built to honor a serpent deity. While the site is a popular tourist destination, it's possible to avoid the crowds by staying in a nearby hotel.

    The building is on the Caribbean coast, and it offers an enchanting atmosphere. There are many museums to explore, including one about tequila and anthropology. Guests can also rent paddle boats for a fee. Many hotels offer complimentary bicycles, and there is a government-subsidized bike share program called Ecobici Bikes. It's a great way to get around the city and still get to the attractions.

    If you're looking for a day trip from Mexico City, you can try a trip to Puebla, located 110 km from the center. This city's historical center, also known as the Puebla CBD, has been awarded UNESCO status. While there are a number of other attractions in the area, its best known celebration is Cinco de Mayo. In 1862, local soldiers fought off a French expeditionary force and won.

    Mexico City has much to offer to travelers from all walks of life. Its sprawling city has contemporary galleries, museums, and world-class dining. A trip to Mexico City is a perfect combination for city types, history buffs, and adventurers alike.

    Another popular destination is Merida, the colonial-era capital of the Yucatan state. With world-class museums and mouth-watering cuisine, it is the ideal base for exploring the Yucatan region. It is located close to archaeological sites and the city of Campeche. The town offers a variety of activities and is a great alternative to the city's overly touristy areas.

El Palacio de Bellas Artes

  • El Palacio de Bellas Artés is one of the premier cultural centers in Mexico City. This cultural complex has been the venue for some of the country's most important exhibitions and events. This historic site offers free entry and offers a wide range of activities for people of all ages.

    The building's main facade is decorated with cherubs representing inspiration and music. The front plaza also features four Pegasus sculptures. A crystal roof adorns the center of the building. An art deco design is visible throughout the building's interior. The building's auditorium boasts a magnificent Tiffany glass curtain that extends 200 feet. Visitors can see a show or simply admire the beautiful decor.

    The Palacio de Bellas Arteas in Mexico City was originally built between 1904 and 1934. It contains a concert hall and a large theatre, as well as the National Museum of Fine Arts. The museum also contains a mural room, which displays 19th and 20th-century Mexican art.

    The building is home to the Museo de Bellas Artes, which takes care of the building's permanent murals. It also organizes temporary exhibitions of international and Mexican artists. The museum's collections are extensive, and are filled with works by many notable artists. Several of these artists are featured in the museum's permanent and temporary exhibitions. It is also a good place to view the works of modern Mexican artists.

    The Palacio de Bellas Artea is one of Mexico's most important cultural centers. It is home to notable murals by the country's leading artists.

Pasteleria Ideal

Pasteleria Ideal is a two-story bakery in Mexico City's Centro Historico. Founded in 1927, Pasteleria Ideal has been making traditional Mexican pastries for nearly 90 years. They offer a variety of sweets, including a multi-tiered cake and donuts. The pastry counter features giant silver trays that are piled high with dough and various sweets.

The historic center of Mexico City is a good location for an affordable getaway. This area is home to several iconic attractions, including the pan de muerto festival and UNAM MegaOfrenda. The area also has many hostels and affordable accommodations.

Although Mexico City is a relatively safe city, there are a few risks. The city can experience earthquakes, flight cancellations, lost baggage, and illnesses. In the worst-case scenario, a medical emergency could require you to return to your home country. For this reason, travel insurance is recommended.

Pasteleria Ideal is one of Mexico City's most famous pastry shops. The bakery is also known as a place where you can find some of the best churros in the world. It is also a great place to grab a cup of coffee and indulge in a tasty pastry.

If you are looking for a more luxurious getaway destination in Mexico City, The Ritz-Carlton is a wonderful choice. It is a great location for a city break, and its rooms feature spectacular views of the city. It also has an indoor swimming pool and three gourmet restaurants. It has rates starting at US$ 590.

There are plenty of candy shops in Mexico City. These stores feature local sweets, as well as familiar favorites. If you plan to bring children with you, consider bringing some of their favorite sweet treats from home. This way, you can make the trip more meaningful for your little ones.