Parque Xenses a magical and unique experience in the Riviera Maya, México

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Xenses Park, a fun space in the Riviera Maya

Xenses Park is a wonderful place in a friendly and family atmosphere, full of fun and various attractions for the whole family. It should be noted that the Xenses Park tour is fascinating, through two circuits of unique activities with totally fantastic scenarios.

The Rehilete. The place that welcomes you and from here you go to the two great circuits full of activities that you will enjoy in a big way, you will awaken your senses with this park because nothing is what it seems you will find:

  • Mmirror maze
  • Play of lights synchronized with music
  • kaleidoscopes
  • Superman's Fortress of Solitude
  • Turrell's Colorful Lights
  • Bottom of a pool where you can't get wet
  • World to hold on your shoulders
  • Tunnel of hearts and a vortex that will play with your balance and stabilitygift
  • Unique souvenir shop
  • Xnack you will enjoy delicious dishes (with additional cost)

ConSense Circuit

Where you can put your senses to the test, letting your eyes rest, your body and your mind will help you in this challenge.

Path of Dwarves and Giants

A different path where on the way you will feel that you are a giant like Gulliver walking between houses, windows, doors, but on the way back you will feel so small that you will not even reach the frame of the door and windows, this is a very strange perspective that plays with your senses but it's too much fun.


Delve into the depths of total darkness in a cave experiencing various ecosystems very well set so that without using the sense of sight you can discover which of the ecosystems you are in such as the jungle, tundra, savannah, prairie, forest, be guided by the characteristics of each one, for example temperatures, noise, among others,

Labyrinth of underground arteries

You will go through grottoes and caverns with great impressive rock formations, you will be able to observe the roots of trees, entrances of light that can be seen with the rays of the sun and small cenotes that are part of the underground river system of the Riviera Maya.

The Eden

Paradise where you can appreciate nature in all its splendor since from the opening of a cave you will contemplate the natural environment from its purest state, you will observe the fauna such as fish, macaws, flamingos, and admire the fall of water from a waterfall that goes to a small lake.

Xitric Garden

A place that will put your sense of taste and smell to work at Xenses, a space with the aroma and flavor of lemon surrounded by exuberant endemic vegetation and you can refresh yourself with a delicious lemonade that you can drink directly from the tree.

Nonsense Circuit

Come and live a totally different experience in the SinSense Circuit, lose your balance, stability, and perception of reality with activities that seem to have no sense or coherence, but are totally real.


The first step towards the SinSense circuit through a narrow tunnel that guides you to a huge red heart, where you can touch it, listen to it and feel its heartbeat.


A waterfall welcomes you to reach this town, where the laws of physics and logic do not obey, trying to maintain balance in a place where you do not even know if you are going up or down, you will also find a river that defies the current because gravity does not apply so that the water of a waterfall goes up the walls. As you walk through this picturesque town you will find various houses, hotels, small shops, bars, churches, bakeries and messages from the inhabitants who will make you happy with their funny ingenuity.


Feeling the adrenaline of a slide will make your senses shine, you just have to lie down and let the current of the water take you little by little where the speed will increase and the darkness will accompany you until the lights inside illuminate the descent towards an unexpected refreshing ending.

Bird Flight

If you ever dreamed of being able to fly, this is your opportunity to fulfill that dream, imagine planning your flight on a zip line like a bird in the sky, where all you have to do is spread your arms as if they were wings and enjoy.


Imagine enjoying the serenity of floating in a river of salts where you cannot sink and where the current takes you to the end, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the warm waters.


Exfoliating your body is an activity that you can enjoy in the Lodorama with a secret recipe that will give your skin a renewed sensation, the sense of touch will take all the attention, at the end the Riolajante and Lodorama you will be able to rinse yourself with waterfalls where you will complete your tour with the Xenses Natural Xpa.

Fantastic scenarios

Take part in the craziest moments and capture incredible images with all the optical illusions and visual effects that you will find in Xenses, such as:

  • Labyrinths
  • Mirrors
  • Beat
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Tunnel of hearts
  • The Pool
  • Besucona
  • Upside down house
  • Superman
  • Vortex
  • Canicodromo
  • Turrell

Come to Xenses to discover the funniest way to use your senses, release your sensations in an incredible half-day park that takes you through two circuits of unique activities in more than 50 fantastic settings. Hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste and many other senses that you are about to discover will show you that in Xenses, there is a more fun reality!

How to get to Xenses?

The Xenses park is located next to the Xcaret and Xplor parks, at km 282 of the Chetumal - Puerto Juárez highway in the Riviera Maya. It is located 74 km from Cancun and 6 km from Playa del Carmen.
You can get there on your own, as we have free parking. You can also include the option With Transportation (Tour) on a round trip from your hotel for a more comfortable and safe transfer.