The most elegant and expensive hotel room in the world

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The most expensive room in the world is at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva.

In every hotel there is always the best room, but without a doubt none compares to the most elegant and expensive room in the world, which is the Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva.

The Royal Penthouse Suite at the President Wilson Hotel was designed by Damien Hirst and boasts spectacular views of the German Lake and the Swiss Alps.

For only 70,100 euros per night you can rest peacefully for a night enjoying truly spectacular services.

It should be noted that several celebrities from different fields have slept in the Royal Penthouse Suite of the President Wilson hotel in Geneva, such as Bill Gates, Michael Douglas, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, or the British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Rihanna
The Royal Penthouse Suite is 1,680 square meters and has a panoramic terrace that offers exceptional 360º views over the lake, and has a telescope for stargazing.

In addition to 12 luxurious rooms, with 12 private bathrooms lined in marble and Hermès products and two master bedrooms, each with a marble bathroom and Jacuzzi facing the Swiss Alps, separate shower, steam room and TV mirror.

We can't fail to mention the 2,500-square-foot ballroom, a 26-seat dining room, a Steinway grand piano, a 1930 Brunswick pool table, a collection of antique books, artwork, and a private gym.

The windows are bulletproof, and it has a private elevator, helicopter evacuation services, and it should be noted that a chef, a butler, a driver and a personal assistant are included during the stay.