The most exclusive golf courses on the planet

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Golf is a sport that today has many followers, although there are some quite exclusive Golf Clubs.

Most of them have what it takes for you to learn this famous sport. Here we mention some of the most exclusive fields.

Mission Hills Group

It is located in China, its design was carried out by the famous architect Brian Curley and it has an extension of 7,800 yards. It is a quite luxurious course, it is not near the sea and it has a spectacular view of sand fields and a spectacular volcano. It has 18 holes distributed between a long river and leafy trees. Inside it has a Hotel and Spa to pamper yourself after sport.

Royal County Below

Located in Newcastle, Northern Ireland, it was designed by Tom Morrison and was founded in 1889 by a group of influential men from Belfast. It has 18 holes and a round costs 185 euros.

One of its main features is that there are more challenging holes where you have to go through a lot of vegetation and trees, which complicates the game. It has a luxurious bar with delicious dishes and a spectacular view of the great mountains of green pastures that distinguish the Irish landscape.

Augusta National Golf Club

In Georgia USA, this place is spectacular, since it is home to the prestigious Masters tournament, which immediately makes it a desired destination for golfers at heart. You can only access membership by invitation and it costs from $250,000 to $500,000.

It was founded by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts and designed by Jones and Alister MacKenzie. Some of its most recognized members are Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. The course was a plant nursery and each hole is named after a tree or bush.

Muirfield Golf Club

It is located in Scotland, and has a truly majestic view, it should be noted that it has a great history, it was created in 1774 and they were the first to create the 13 rules of Golf.

Designed by Tom Morrison, it has hosted more than 42 competitions, has 18 holes and is covered in greenery. Among its grasslands you can sometimes see animals, such as deer. It has two different circuits, so that the player has to adjust to the changes in the wind and be more challenging. A round costs 220 euros

Royal Melbourne Golf Club

It is located in Australia, it was founded in 1891 and it has 18 holes, it was designed by Alister MacKenzie. it has hosted major tournaments, and capacity for 15,000 spectators. It has a dramatic undulation, a fertile sandy soil and the holes are full of vegetation and herbs native to the country. Price for international visitors is $370 per round

Pebble Beach

In the United States, founded in 1919, the design was in charge of Jack Neville and Douglas Grant, the course is near the Californian coast and gives us wonderful views, it is a complicated course, since in this location there is a lot of wind which makes the game difficult. It has 18 holes and there are 15 restaurants, including a bar with a spectacular view of the Californian sea, different shops and a spa.

Cape Kidnappers

It is located in New Zealand, it was founded in 2004, by the architect Tom Doak and it is built on what was a sheep station, which averaged 5,000 acres.

It has There are fearsome creeks, contoured fairways and sloping greens that ensure that a day of golf in this place will be different from any other. You can stay after the game in rooms that cost £249 per person, per night, with the round costing £115.