Unknown beaches throughout the universe to vacation


Unknown beaches throughout the universe to vacation

Do you dream of finding a beach where you can enjoy the breeze and sunset in a calm atmosphere? There are still resorts worldwide with hidden beaches and untouched corners of picturesque beaches. In this post, we offer to get acquainted with the list of the best secret places for a beach holiday. Of course, not all are suitable for snorkeling or lounging on a lounge chair, but each has something to surprise you. Some guarantee bright feelings from meetings with wild animals, while others are unpredictable.
Here are the unknown beaches throughout the universe to vacation

Hulopoe Bay, Hawaii, USA

  • The Hawaii has the best secret beach that tourists don't know about. It is hidden from them and the winds in Hulopoe Bay and has become the most popular vacation spot for islanders. Usually, they come here with children or for a walk. For this purpose, the gazebos are arranged under the palm trees, where you can take a break from the scorching sun. White sand, azure water, well-groomed lawns, warm showers - that's what the free public beach in Lanai is all about.
  • The tidal pools of the lava shelf are the main attraction of Hulopoe Bay. The favorite place for children's games is the indoor pools on the beach. You can climb on the Puu Pehe rock for a stunning view of the bay. And, of course, you should snorkel or snorkel in the crystal-clear waters near the reefs.

Bathsheba Beach, Barbados

  • It would help if you came to Bathsheba Beach to feel the incredible power of the water element. Here, the waves of the Atlantic Ocean have been grinding up the rocks that nature has littered the coast for hundreds of years. The scene is like boiling soup, which is why the bay is called a soup pot.
    Strong currents, huge waves, and a lack of lifeguards make it impossible to swim here at any time of the year. This remote beach seems perfect for surfing, but the currents at Bathsheba Beach are so strong that only the most experienced come here to exercise.
  • Once a year, many people gather on this part of the coast when international surfing competitions are held here. The Bathsheba is the perfect secluded beach for strolling along the shore and contemplating the ocean.

Tunnel Beach and Long Beach, New Zealand

  • Tunnel Beach in Dunedin is a remote and lonely beach surrounded by huge boulders. Here only sea lions are sunbathing. You have to walk the steps of a narrow tunnel to see it up close. It gives you the feeling that you are in the planet's heart. On the one hand, there are rocks in the sky. But, on the other hand - ocean waves hit the rocks in unison with your heart. From tops of the cliffs, you have a great view of the strangely shaped boulders under which the natural tunnels have been swept away by the waves.
  • Unfortunately, such views cannot be found at Long Beach in Otago. But this pristine beach is one of the best secret beach vacation spots. Local families often choose it with children. It stretches for a 2.4 km and is home to seals, blue penguins, and many other rare birds. They nest on the rocks surrounding this coastal area, protecting it from wind and waves.

Ton Sai Beach, Thailand

  • The Ton Sai Beach is one of the most beautiful and quiet beaches in the Krabi region of Thailand. The sheer cliffs above the blue water remind us of images from Paradise Island films. Toi Sai is treat for those who love secluded beaches. It is easy to find an empty spot on the white sand in the comfortable shade of evergreen palm trees.
  • Some tourists come here by rowboat, so the water is clear and clean. The spot between the green-covered cliffs is perfect for snorkeling and rock climbing. The views are excellent for beginners and professionals alike.

Jervis Bay Beach, Australia

  • Jervis Bay is a port located on the southern coast of New South Wales, Australia. It's sparsely populated tropical beaches are said to have white sand on the continent. So naturally, the rich fauna of the underwater world is an absolute must for diving. But some people come here for more than just the usual beach recreation.
  • The bay belongs to the national park. Exciting tours guarantee encounters with wildlife - seals, dolphins, and even whales. Outdoors and water sports enthusiasts often choose the secluded beaches of Jervis Bay to kayak, canoe, or sail along the coast while enjoying nature.

Trancoso beach, Brazil

  • Long, narrow strips of the Trancoso Beach are hidden under high cliffs near the tourist town of Trancoso. The world's best-secluded beaches lie on this undeveloped coastline of clean sand and calm blue waters. It's perfect for relaxing without loud music and noisy company. Celebrities often choose this place for its proximity to pristine nature and urban infrastructure, with bohemian bars and cafes simultaneously.