What do the packages include to visit the most beautiful villages in Switzerland?

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What do the packages include to visit the most beautiful villages in Switzerland?


Gemmelwald is a small town located in the Bernese Alps. You won't need a car to get there, as there are
paths and can be reached on foot. It is located near the beautiful Lauterbrunnen Valley, this sleepy little farming community feels like a fantasy come to life, surrounded by dramatic imposing mountains dotted with waterfalls. The row houses feature Schindler stones in the roofs to help them fend off the strong winds of the Jungfrau Mountain.


Famous for its namesake cheese, with a mild, nutty flavor that melts well in fondue; few can be Familiar with Gruyères. Still, it is so picturesque and located in the upper valley of the Saane river, that you will want to visit it to experience its impressive scenic beauty. But you have to pick up some cheese too, of course.

A wide cobbled street leads to a huge 13th-century castle, with majestic fortifications and incredible panoramic views of the surrounding alpine foothills that make it a dropper.


Thun is one of the most beautiful and largest lakes in Switzerland. A well-defined network of hiking trails.
can be found around the lake shore, while the hills above are ideal for hiking and mountain biking.
The historic old town features a 12th-century castle in the center and a museum just over half a mile from the
lake along the river Aare. The medieval castle is impressive and includes one of the best preserved
medieval interpretation rooms, the castle tower or knights' hall, located in an almost unaltered dungeon. the
the corner towers have excellent views of the Alps, the city, and the lake.


This small Swiss village is surrounded by an incredible landscape, where wildflowers burst into bright
colors in the hills during the summer, while snowcapped mountains form the backdrop. Overlooking it
all is the church of San Lorenzo and its bell tower, a famous Solio landmark located above the village.
Walk the narrow cobblestone streets to Palazzo Solis, now a hotel with a gorgeous Mediterranean vibe
surrounded by giant sequoia trees. It´s a great place to enjoy nature in relative seclusion, particularly
while hiking through the chestnut forest or on the Bergl trail.


Guarda is 5,400 feet above sea level in the Lower Engadin Mountains in canton Graubünden. A remote
hamlet, it hosts beautifully restored 17th-century homes that have won the Wakker Prize for Preserving
the City  Architectural Heritage. As if it comes from the pages of a storybook, it was used as the setting
for the popular 1945 children's book by Selena Chuns and Alois Carrigate, Shailene-Parsley. Guarda has
managed to preserve many of its traditional customs, making it a particularly authentic treat, which
includes the annual Chalandamarz event every March. People here still speak mainly Romanian -
Switzerland, the fourth official language in the country after German, French and Italian.and the lake.


Interlaken is a popular place for paragliding thanks to its location, surrounded by beautiful mountains.
and sparkling lakes. As you stroll through the city's Japanese gardens, look up and you'll probably see
countless little humans flying on top. This is also a gateway to explore the Jungfrau region and
offers the opportunity to travel on the Jungfraujoch Express from Interlaken train station to what is known as the
top of Europe, at 11,332 feet above sea level. The view of the Alps is something you never


Located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, where eight mountain passes meet, there are many reasons to
Visit Andermatt. This town is picturesque as it offers many attractions and activities that keep visitors
coming back. During the summer, enjoy hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and fishing, or take
in one of the most impressive and calm landscapes by bringing the slowest express train in the world: the
Glacier Express, which takes passengers to Zermatt. The city is known for skiing, with lifts that work
from the city to Gemsstock and Natschen.