Xavage Hard, fun, entertainment, attractions and much more awaits you at this adventure park in Xcaret, Mexico

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Xavage Hard, the adventure park located in Xcaret awaits you!

Xavage Hard offers you guaranteed fun, entertainment and a variety of attractions for the whole family, it is located in Xcaret, in the state of Quintana Roo.

The adventure park has for you a wild concept of 6 water, land and air activities with different degrees of difficulty, that is, from the lightest to the most exciting
Xavage Hard invites you to enjoy unique experiences for all those who love adrenaline, in addition to having all the services you need to have a great time.

Attractions at Xavage Hard at Xcaret

  • Barracuda. It is an adventure in the only rapids better known as rafting. Arm yourself with your vest, paddle and helmet on a 600 meter brave river.
  • Cougar. 4×4 rock crawler vehicles on an offroad route, the tour includes four tracks and rugged terrain.
  • Dragonfly. A water jet winding its way through fun, narrow canals; a dragonfly that runs over the sea at 85k/h with 360º turns.
  • Hawk. Falcon flight in the heights. It is a circuit of zip lines at 20 meters high where with the horizontal position, you will feel like a bird that travels almost half a kilometer through the jungle.
  • HowlerMonkey. The rope course is the displacement between trees, with ropes and suspension bridges. The idea is to finish the circuit, but it is not worth being afraid since you will have a lifeline attached to your harness.
  • Crocodile. Kayak through charming Mayan sites, canals and unusual bodies of water. In addition to having your skill, it will be an unforgettable nature experience
  • Serpent: Xorros and Caxorros. This site is especially dedicated to children from 5 to 12 years old who will experience the adventure according to their age. Slides, bridges, shooters and a wading pool will be part of the children's experience. It should be noted that each adventure will be represented by different animals. You can also choose between them according to the degree of difficulty: soft, hard, extreme or ultimate.

You should know that the group's offer includes amazing places: Xcaret, Xel-Há, Xplor, Xplor Fuego, Xoximilco, Xenses, Xichén; The last two being experiences outside the parks with visits to cenotes and archaeological sites.

Location of Xavage Hard in Xcaret

Very close to Cancun International Airport.