The largest stadiums in the universe

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There are stadiums that mark history, huge places that have participated in great events, witnesses of great victories, fabulous concerts and historic events, here we mention some of the largest stadiums in the world.

Rungrado First of May Stadium (Estadio Rungrado 1 de Mayo)

Located in North Korea, it has a capacity for 114,000 spectators, has 207,000 square meters and was inaugurated on May 1, 1989. It is the largest stadium in Asia, it has 8 floors, 60 meters high and 16 arched roofs that they are intertwined and simulate the petals of a flower, it is where the North Korean team plays.

It should be noted that the Stadium has had various uses, since it has an athletics track, sauna, indoor pool, beds, corridors and other facilities for training up to the football field, which is covered with natural grass.

Camp Nou Stadium (Estadio Camp Nou)

It is located in Spain, right in the city of Barcelona, ??it has capacity for 99,354 spectators, it is the stadium with the largest capacity in Europe, its dimensions are 105 x 60 square meters, and it was inaugurated on September 24, 1957. It has natural grass ,and this is where the World Cup was held in 1982, the European Championship in 1964, the Olympic Final (semi-final) in 1992, the European Cup final in 1988-1989 and the Champions League final in 1998-1999; as well as the finals of the European Cup Winners' Cup in the years 1971-1972 and, ten years later, in 1981-1982.

Wembley Stadium (Estadio de Wembley)

It is located in London, England, it has a capacity for 90,000 spectators, its measurements are 105 x 68 square meters, which makes it the largest stadium in the United Kingdom and the second in Europe.

It should be noted that it is also called the House of Football, today it is the venue for the finals of the FA Cup, the League Cup of England and the Community Shield, as well as several finals of the UEFA Champions League. . In 2007, its last remodeling was completed, and it reached its current capacity.

Aztec Stadium (Estadio Azteca)

It is located in Mexico, it has a capacity of 87,523 spectators, its measurements are 105 x 68 meters, and it is the largest stadium in the country and the second largest in America. Its construction began in 1962 and it was inaugurated in 1966.

It is important to point out that two FIFA World Cup finals were held here: the 1970 and 1986 championships in Mexico. has hosted the Soccer World Cup, reaching nineteen of them.

Melbourne Cricket Ground

It is located in Australia and has a capacity for 100,024 spectators, its measurements are 105 x 70 meters wide and it is located in Yarra Park in Melbourne, operating since March 6, 1999. The Victoria cricket team and the Melbourne Stars, as well as being home to the five teams that make up the Australian Football League (Essedon, Richmond, Melbourne, Colligwood and Hawthorn).

It is the largest stadium in the country, where the opening and closing ceremonies of the Melbourne Olympic Games in 1965 were held, as well as the Commonwealth Games in 2006.

Soccer City Stadium

It is located in South Africa, it has a capacity for 94,736 spectators, its dimensions are 105 x 60 square meters of natural grass and it was built in the year of 700 spectators. It was built in 1987, opened in 1989 and has undergone various renovations to become the largest stadium in Africa.