Tepoztlan a magical and mystical place

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Tepoztlan a magical and mystical place... Tepoztlán, a majestic place to visit.

Tepoztlán is a wonderful place to visit, it is located in the state of Morelos, and one of the most visited places by national and international tourism. It is famous for the remains of the pyramid built on the top of the Tepozteco mountain, its gastronomy and its handicrafts.

The region is rich in traditions and customs, with legends and stories, which earned it the designation of Magical Town in the year 2022. With good weather most of the year, Tepoztlán is also the perfect place for rest and relaxation.

Tepoztlán is located very close to Mexico City, and has nearby hotels and restaurants for your convenience. Visiting the Magical Town is a spectacular adventure, one of the main activities is to climb the famous Cerro del Tepozteco, in addition to the fact that various ecotourism activities are carried out here.

One of the most important attractions of Tepoztlán is the Tepozteco hill, which bears its name thanks to the pyramid and archaeological remains that it keeps on its top.

Gastronomy of Tepoztlán

One of its typical saucer is cecina, and mushroom soup, and you can't miss the ice creams, which are delicious in the region.

Landmarks in Tepoztlán

The Convent of the Nativity, was built by Zapotec Indians in honor of the Virgin of the Nativity. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1944, it welcomes you with an arch of beans.

The Carlos Pellicer Museum of Pre-Hispanic Art is one of the must-sees, since it houses an archaeological collection of the famous Tabasco poet, donated by him to the town of Tepoztán in 1965.