Definitive, 13 things you should not do when traveling to Dubai

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Definitive, 13 things you should not  do when traveling to Dubai

Dubai is a popular tourist destination and one of the most important in the world and one of the most exciting and lively cities.

Despite being one of the most liberating, relaxed and cosmopolitan cities in the world, you must behave correctly. Dubai has laws, beliefs and rules just like any other country.

These are the things you should not do when traveling to Dubai:

1. Do not use your left hand

The left hand is considered emaciated in Arab culture, where it is traditionally used to "clean the body";
Therefore, one should avoid using their left hand in certain situations. For example, when in Dubai, don't
greet anyone with your left hand, do not use your left hand to pass anything, especially food, and do not
don't eat with your left hand. Even if you wash your left hand, it is still considered impure. However, you
You can drink with your left hand. So make sure you don't use your left hand, and if you're left-handed
 you should try to be skillful.

2. Public display of affection is not acceptable

When in Dubai, do not display any intimacy in public. They consider hugging and kissing.
socially unacceptable, and if you're caught hugging or kissing in public, you could spend the rest of your
prison vacation. However, holding hands is good for married couples. Do not indulge in such actions in
public and be arrested. This is one of the essential rules in Dubai.

3. Do not dress inappropriately

When in Dubai, modesty is the best policy. Although Dubai is a city with style and the latest trends, it is still
has some restrictions regarding clothing. For example, clothing that is low-cut, tight, short, or appears
lots of skin are inappropriate and should not be worn in public places such as shopping malls,
markets, beaches, theaters, mosques, etc. Meanwhile, Dubai allows visitors to wear Western clothing.

4. Do not use profanity in public

The Arabs do not encourage the use of obscene language. However, you must be careful with your tongue,
especially in public or talking to a local person. You should also not convey any comments towards Islam.
or Muslims, since it is a crime punishable by law.

5. Do not  take a picture without permission

Dubai is a fantastic city with stunning scenery, which may tempt you to take pictures. though take
pictures is not bad, you have to be very careful. This is a strict rule that must be followed. Taking
photos or videos of people, especially women and children, without their consent is an invasion of
privacy, and you may be punished or sent to prison.

6. Do not carry drugs

The United Arab Emirates has a strict anti-drug policy and does not allow you to bring or use any medication, either prescription or illegal. Airports are on high alert for those transporting drugs into the country. If you are found carrying it you will be jailed for up to four years. I guess this is not the visit you planned.
Before you pack your bags, check the official UAE website and read about the drugs allowed inside
the country. If you must bring your medicine, get your prescription with you.

7. Wearing clothes is not allowed

Dubai is a conservative society and has not yet opened up to the idea of ??homosexuality. When you are in
Dubai, you must ensure you dont wear it because cross-dressing is prohibited here. Violation of the law
may result in imprisonment.

8. Unmarried couples are not allowed to stay together

If you're traveling with your partner and plan to stay together, don't. Dubai follows Islamic law,
prohibit unmarried couples from staying together, whether in a hotel room or anywhere else. you and your partner
they will be punished, deported or imprisoned if they are caught cohabiting.

9. Drinking and drunkenness in public places are prohibited

While you are in Dubai, you cannot drink in public, and you cannot drink in public because it is not
allowed in the country. If you like to drink, the best place is to go to the bar. Drinks are allowed at the
bar, and Dubai has some of the most amazing rooftops where you can sip drinks and enjoy stunning city
views. Do not drinks, do not get drunk in public, and, worse, be punished or imprisoned.

10. Eating in public during Ramadan is prohibited

Eating, drinking or smoking is prohibited during the holy month of Ramadan. It is forbidden even for
chewing gum in public places. Regardless of religion, one should not do much or hang out in public, while
Muslims in Medina fast from dawn to dusk. However, you can certainly consume freely within your
hotel facilities.

11. Do not make hand gestures

Some of the appropriate hand gestures in your country may not be the same as in Dubai. Some gestures are considered offensive in Dubai. For example, showing a thumbs up is equivalent to a bird heart and hand sign indicates devil eye. Any obscene or rude hand gesture will put you in jail.

12. Do not bring forbidden things

If you are traveling to Dubai, you must be very careful with your package. Before you do, read what items
you are allowed to carry. Some prohibited items include books with adult content, anything made in
Israel, and refrain from transporting pork into the country.

13. Do not insult the royal family

He may be from a different religious background, or he may have his own set of beliefs. You may
have a different opinion about the culture and belief system in Dubai, but make sure you stick to it
yourself. If you criticize, insult or insult the royal family of Dubai, law, culture and religion, you can put
behind bars or punish him severely. So when you are in Dubai, just enjoy what the city has to offer.
instead of making fun of it.