What is the most cool family places in Bacalar Cancun Mexico

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Bacalar is a spectacular and fascinating tourist destination to get to know, in addition to its beautiful surroundings, here we mention some of the places near Bacalar that you cannot miss.

Isla Pájaros

One of the places near Bacalar that we recommend you visit is Isla Pajaros, an impressive natural refuge. It is located just 30 minutes from Bacalar, and here you can see more than 155 species of birds, many of them in danger of extinction, which is why there are many signs posted indicating their protection.

You will be able to admire frigate birds, white ibis, reddish egrets, white pelicans, gray pelicans, as well as storks and flamingos in specific seasons.

Laguna Mariscal

It is connected to the Bacalar Lagoon by a channel, it is important to note that this channel was created by the Mayans when they saw the need to transport from one place to another to be able to carry out their activities.

Laguna Mariscal is surrounded by jungle, mangroves and reedbeds, and is ideal for some water sports as well as being in contact with nature.

Cenote Esmeralda Bacalar

The Cenote Esmeralda, is a natural paradise near Bacalar, in the open air it is characterized by its crystal clear waters, an excellent option for aquatic and daring activities such as diving.

This charming place has a diameter of approximately 300 meters and a depth of 70 meters. So immersing yourself in its waters and discovering its depths will be a very pleasant experience.

Fuerte de Bacalar

A famous historical site in Bacalar, it is considered a National Historical Heritage by decree and one of the main attractions of the Magical Town. It is located next to the well-known Laguna de los Siete Colores.

It should be noted that the Fort had the objective of protecting and preserving the Mayan community of Bacalar from the constant attacks of English, French and Dutch pirates. its walls were.