A perfect guide to travel safely to the Caribbean

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A perfect guide to travel safely to the Caribbean

The Caribbean islands have reopened to international tourism, plus the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico
they are US territories. This means US travelers to these areas can leave their passports at home.

A Caribbean vacation is an opportunity to enjoy life at a slower pace. If you are planning to escape from a
Caribbean island to relax in the waves, sand and sun, you'll want to keep your travel stress at a minimum. Travel insurance can give you peace of mind and protect you financially if your Caribbean
the trip is not planned.

When purchasing Caribbean cruise travel insurance, you should contemplate adequate coverage for these travel problems:

  • flight cancellation
  • tornadoes
  • Flight delay Missed trips or cruises
  • flight interruption
  • medical trips
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation

Cruise considerations when visiting the Caribbean:

If your´e taking a Caribbean cruise, look for a plan that includes a "quot; missed cruise or cruise" quot; feature.

Says Angela Borden, a spokeswoman for Seven Corners, the travel insurance company. She says accepted reasons for "missed flights or cruises" benefits typically include common carrier delays, cancellations, mechanical failures, and inclement weather. You will find a detailed list of eligible reasons and the minimum required delay time in your document.

For example, Seven Corners "RoundTrip Choice policy offers"; missed flight or cruise; benefits of
up to $250 per day with a maximum of $1,500 after a three-hour delay for a reason listed on
your policy.

Another worthy option: Travel Safe´s Classic plan has premium "missing tour or cruise"; coverage
of $2,500 per person after a three-hour delay.