The most exclusive restaurants in the world

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Going to a restaurant is a true delicacy, delight yourself with the dishes prepared by the chefs, try the gastronomy of different cultures and here we mention the most exclusive restaurants in the world.

Joel Robuchon

Located in Las Vegas, California, Jöel Robuchon was considered the best chef in the world and was the creator of a huge gastronomic empire, with 32 Michelin stars spread over his various restaurants.

This delicious restaurant offers the most exquisite and careful French gastronomy, it should be noted that whoever wants to taste the exclusive dishes costs 407 euros, something like 440 dollars, not including wine, taxes and the famous American tip.


It is located in Shanghai, and the chef in charge is Paul Pairet, of French origin who is in charge of preparing the delicacies of the place, it should be noted that the restaurant is in an excellent location, in the tourist center of Shanghai.

Since 2012, Ultraviolet has offered a multisensory experience in which visuals, lights and new technologies play an important role.

The cost of the menu is 512 euros, about 555 dollars. The French Laundry is located at

Yountville, California

Visiting it is undoubtedly an experience. To get to the exclusive Restaurant, you must cross the Napa Valley, where you can admire an authentic spectacle of vineyards and wineries that anticipates what the food will be like.

This place began as a small and rustic stone cabin with two floors, today it is a restaurant with exclusive private rooms in which the diner to taste the chef's culinary delights must pay 412 euros, about 446 dollars, per menu, not counting the price. of drinks.

Guy Savoy

Located in California, this restaurant by the chef of the same name exudes the elegance and tranquility of a Parisian space, but with the shine of Las Vegas. It has several options on the menu and it comes to 536 euros, about 580 dollars, including the drink.

Masa, in New York, where chef Masayoshi Takayama delights the palate with delicious dishes, diners must pay around 545 euros, about $590, plus wine and taxes.