Bacalar, a paradise in Quintana Roo

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Bacalar is a beautiful place, full of natural attractions, ideal for lovers of nature and tranquility. And where you can do a wide variety of activities.

Bacalar has an unbeatable climate during most of the year, and one of the most sought after tourist destinations.

What's in Bacalar?

Bacalar Lagoon (Laguna de Bacalar)

Also called Laguna de los Siete Colores, its name is due to the fact that its waters reflect seven different shades of blue, which makes it a wonderful place. Here you can do various activities such as diving, snorkeling and swimming. On the shore you can see the remains of an "abandoned pirate ship", which has become an important attraction for all visitors to this beautiful place.

San Felipe Fort (Fuerte de San Felipe)

Historical site that was built in the 16th century, had the mission of providing protection to the residents from multiple pirate attacks.

Even with the passage of time, the fort remains impeccable and inside you can see ancient cannons, on its bastions you can look out to see the splendor of the lagoon.

Piracy Museum (Museo de la Piratería)

It is located inside the Fort of San Felipe, an elegant place where you can learn about the history of this fascinating place.

Main Square (Plaza Principal)

It is located in front of the Fort, a charming space surrounded by several old houses, built in wood with gabled roofs, painted in bright colors that have been lightened over the years by the imposing Caribbean sun.

Parish of San Joaquín (Parroquia de San Joaquín)

Dedicated to the Patron Saint of the town, San Joaquín, the celebration in his honor is on July 21, the festivities last nine days and the festivities end with taking the saint through the town to take a tour of the lagoon.

Canopy in Biomaya

In Biomaya you can do various activities, from flying up to 800 meters over a leafy and exuberant jungle, while the highest of these attractions will take you to live the adrenaline at 30 meters high, just above the seven colors of the Bacalar lagoon.

International House of the Writer

It houses an important collection of writers, artistic creators and poets of national and international stature, with the purpose of producing and disseminating multiple cultural fields. This space has five bungalows, which welcome at least forty visitors. Among other programs, theater, environmental education and folk dance are promoted.

José María Morelos Market (Mercado José María Morelos)

One of the most popular places is the José María Morelos Market, although it is small but very interesting; You will not find a better place to buy vegetables and fruits.

Blue Cenote (Cenote Azul)

You cannot miss the visit to the Cenote Azul, at the entrance you will find a local craft store, where you can buy everything from stone and wood carvings to hammocks. This cenote houses a restaurant and a majestic viewpoint from which you can see, as in all areas of Bacalar, the beautiful landscape offered by the lagoon and from it, you can even make a wish.