Eco Parque de Puma is a space for family recreation in Quintana Roo, México

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Eco Parque de Puma is a family recreation and leisure space located in Quintana Roo, ideal to visit and enjoy all the activities

The Riviera Maya has very beautiful places to visit, one of them is the Boca de Puma Eco Park, which is located in Puerto Morelos, in the State of Quintana Roo, a place for tourism and recreation.

The Boca de Puma Eco Park has an area of ??100 hectares that in turn are found by 250 hectares of virgin forest, right here within the park you can find the Boca de Puma Cenote.

You can tour the reserve with the tours that the Eco Park offers so you can learn how the preservation of animal and plant life works in the reserve.

The Boca de Puma Eco Park was founded by Jesús Sánchez, who was a lover of the jungle growing up in it at the time when gum resin was extracted, and seeing that there was no recreation place to live in family and having contact with nature decided to open the Eco Park.

The Eco Park invites you to perform various recreational activities such as:

  • Zip Line Extreme Tou. Dare to enjoy the adventure and live the adrenaline by launching yourself from the seven zip lines named after animals that inhabit the reserve, you will be able to enjoy a spectacular panoramic view, from your first jump out of the Mayan Tower, when crossing "spider monkey" , a very extreme experience.
  • Extreme Horse Tour. Without a doubt, a totally different tour, with trained guides who will lead you through the real terrain of the Mayan jungle.
  • Adventure in Los Cenotes. At the end of the jungle trails you will find the cenotes, where you can enjoy, cool off and take a good dip exploring the impressive underground caves.
  • Museum. Right here you will find the Museum, which belongs to the "Chicleros" family, and which will leave a very good taste in your mouth.
  • Climbing and rappelling. If you like the extreme this is the ideal, dare to climb a 10 meter high wall and rappel on a 21 meter high platform.

Location of Boca de Puma Eco Park

Kilometer 16, Route of the cenotes 77580, Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo,