Come and enjoy nature at Cenote Chihuan, a spectacular place in Yucatan, México

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Cenote Chihuan is the perfect place to dive and discover its impressive caverns and enjoy this wonder in Yucatan, México

Cenote Chihuan is the perfect place to dive and discover this natural wonder from the depths

Cenote Chihuan is located in Holca, in the state of Yucatan, just 30 minutes from Chichen Itza, a wonderful natural place, considered one of the safest and most beautiful in the state.

It is important to point out the history of Cenote Chihuan, since in pre-Hispanic times it was used as a refuge in times of war between the Cocone groups against Chichén Itzá, when the year 1800 arrived it functioned as a refuge for the indigenous people who were victims of colonial repression and who were forced to flee.

In 1935, during the revolutionary period, it functions again as a refuge, as in the Caste War. Today the Cenote is an excellent option to visit and enjoy, it has a depth that goes from 6 to 14 meters, always having direct access to the surface.

Its diameter is 120 meters, of which 40 meters have lighting. You can enjoy large rock formations as well as stalactites and stalagmites that reach 3 to 13 meters deep.

Without a doubt, Cenote Chihuan is ideal for diving since its caverns are ideal for this sport, its waters are of a blue hue which is formed thanks to the artificial light that manages to penetrate. Discovery Chanel has recognized it in a documentary entitled "From the center of the Earth" that shows us the wonders of this great place.

When visiting Cenote Chihuan you can perform various activities such as:

  • Horseback diving
  • Soup
  • Horse ride
  • hammocks
  • Accommodation
  • Social events

Location Cenote Chihuan

Kilometer 80 Federal Highway Mérida-Cancún Holcá Kantuil Police Station, Yucatán