The Cenote Xlacah, is one of the most beautiful places in Yucatan, Mexico, an ideal natural destination to visit in Yucatan, Mexico

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The Cenote Xlacah, is one of the favorite destinations for tourism in Yucatan, Mexico, due to its impressive beauty and history

The Xlacah Cenote, in addition to being one of the most visited natural places in Yucatan, is an extremely interesting place due to its history.

The first settlers of Dzibilchaltún, Yucatán, formed a settlement around this body of water since ancient times, for which it was named Xlacah, which in Mayan means "Old Town".

In this place, vessels, wooden objects and and carved bones and thanks to these vestiges it was possible to decipher much of the history of the ancient Mayans who lived near the cenote, which was considered a source of life, thanks to its fresh waters.

The Xaclah Cenote is located among the most large and deep found to this day in the state of Yucatan.

It has a wonderful view, you will be in a natural open-air pond, its access is easy since it is at ground level; It has a diameter of 100 meters starting with a depth of 1 meter and as you advance you will be able to perceive the inclined shape reaching 45 meters deep.

Just where the deepest is, there is a horizontal opening that to date is unknown to where it ends. the lilies that adorn the place. You can not stop visiting it and discover what nature gives us.

Location of Cenote Xlacah

Only 17 km. north of Merida, Dzibilchaltún, Yucatán, México.

At what times can you visit Cenote Xlacah?

It is open every day from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.